18 years of experience

About Steve Harris

I've evaluated, treated and assisted in the rehabilitation of numerous sports and non-sports related injuries. I have trained ex-pro/semi-pro football players and bodybuilders. I am experienced in and have trained individuals to increase proficiency in football, baseball, golf, track, basketball, wrestling and mud and marathon running. I have trained individuals preparing for police and firefighter training, and also men and women preparing for military duty.

Body Building and Physique Competitor
Life Coaching
Gold's Gym, LA Fitness, Crunch Fitness - Personal Trainer, Training Director,
Fitness Consultant

(NCCPT) National Council for Personal Trainers
(AFTA) American Fitness Training of Athletics
(AAAI) American Aerobics Association International
(ISMA) International Sports Medicine Association
DotFit Certified Practitioner

How Does Online Training Work?

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